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The falconers all over the world are naturally competitive and proud of their little athletes. Competitions are where the falconers compare the fastness of falcons. Such race has become common in the Arabis Countries Like United Arab Emirates UAE, The Kingdom Of Saudi

Arabia, Qatar as well

Falcon Black Perform

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During the hunting and racing season, falcons need to be at their peak performance, however, this period is physically and nutritionally demanding on these birds. They require premium support to reach optimum performance.

Performance Improvement

Falcon Black Perform is formulated to help improve performance, increase endurance and speed. The inclusion of Betaine, L-Glycine, and L-Glutamine work in synergy to aid in muscle force production generating more power, intensifying the blood flow and increasing the anaerobic threshold, and allowing falcons to sustain longer duration, greater speed of flight and optimise the oxygen demand to delay the onset of fatigue.

Energy Production

Beetroot is added to promote the transportation of nutrients into the muscle cells and support energy production during exercise.

Immune and Respiratory Support

Black cumin seed oil aids in the reduction of oxidative damage and inflammation to contribute to better recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Additionally, echinacea and black cumin seed oil have immune-enhancing effects and support respiratory health.

Gut Health

VetaPro 100, helps support a healthy gut microbiome which contributes to optimal energy production and positively impacts the falcon’s performance.

Falcon Products

Falcon 10ml, Falcon 10ml injection, Falcon injection,

Falcon 10ml

Falcon by Dalvet is a powerful stimulant for (falcon, camel and horse) race animals that is not detected because it´s not positive doping.

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Aminoacidos Vit Oral

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids of rapid absorption and of great power of effectiveness, helping to improve nutritional efficacy.

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GH 300 10ml

EGH 300 ( Equine Growth Hormone) is a concentrated growth hormone product already recombined and ready to use.

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E.G.H Black Horse 5ml

EGH black horse is an endogenous steroid hormone, produced by the adrenal glands, gonads, and brain.

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Other Veterinary Product Categories

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Energy & Power
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  •  Poison 15 ml
  •  Recovit 50 ml
  •  Full Throttle 100 ml
  •  SS-80 30 ml
  •  Muscle Power 600
  •  V-Go 30 ml
  •  Crystal 20 ml
  •  Dark Matter 50 ml
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Mixed Categories
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  •  Flu-Speed 50 ml
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  •  Rythm-7 25 ml
  •  Poison 15 ml
  •  V-Go Turbo 30 ml
  •  Fluvet 10 ml
  •  Synedem 25 ml
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