Dexa Free 24

Dexa Free 24 is a dexamethasone sodium phosphate powder, ready for dilution and reconstitution in solution for injection, with the ability to make concentrated dexas. It´s a dexa specifically designed to be applied before the race. Formula: 20 mg dexamethasone 21 di sodium phosphate, In a 5 or 10 ml bottle to be dissolved in sterile water or […]

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Dexa 500

Dexamethasone is a glucocorticoid used for the treatment of metabolic diseases in ruminants and general inflammatory processes in bovines, sheep, goats, equines, camels, dogs and felines. Dexa 500 is indicated as a primary or supplementary treatment of dermatitis, urticaria, bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, anaphylactic shock, mastitis, hyper-sensitivity reactions, ketosis and other symptoms responding to the administration of

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Ridding Your Horse Of Inflammation Using Leg Saver Equine Therapy

The leading cause of lameness in performance horses is inflammation of the joints. Repetition in your horse’s exercise program or the discipline that they are performing in is the main reason to blame for this inflammation. If the inflammation isn’t removed from the joint, your horse will not be able to move properly and arthritis

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