Dexa-chloride injection is an Injectable analgesic and anti-inflammatory based on Ammonium chloride and Dexamethasone for infiltrations.

Dexa-chloride Action:

Relieves pain and reduces inflammation of the affected muscle. Its effect lasts two to three weeks and begins to be noticeable 2 hours after injecting.


Ammonium, chloride: 500mg
Dexamethasone, 21 phosphate: 200mg
CSP excipients 100 ml.

Indicated in myositis, muscle contractures, myalgia, etc.
It can be used pure or combined with corticosteroids, antibiotics, local anesthetics, etc.

Dexa-chloride injection Contraindications:

There are no known incompatibilities due to parallel treatments.
Do not use on infected or acutely inflamed tissues. Do not use when the lesion to be treated may worsen (acute myositis, recent muscle tears).
Given that the product will be used in circumstances beyond the control of the manufacturer, the manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences arising from the inappropriate use of it.

Restrictions of use:
It should not be used in equines destined for human food consumption.
Collateral damage:
In some cases, itching, sweating or signs of restlessness may appear. On very rare occasions after infiltration, treated animals present pain and ambulatory difficulty for 2-3 hours.


Administer exclusively intramuscular (infiltrations). Usually 50 ml will be enough in each paddle or rump.
Its effect lasts approximately between 1 and 2 weeks.

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