Improving Circulation in Your Horse

It’s easy to forget how important something as simple as proper circulation is for your horse. Good, strong circulation means that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to every cell in the body. It also aids in various body functions such as speeding up recovery time after an injury and reducing arthritic pain. Here is our guide on how to improve your horse’s circulation. 

Improved Vs. Increased Blood Flow

The circulatory system is relatively closed: the amount of blood in a horse’s system is what he’s got for life. So, think of any adjustments to circulation as “improving” rather an “increasing” it.

5 Ways to Improve Your Horse’s Circulation

Exercise! What holds true for humans goes for horses as well. The best way to improve circulation is to get that heart pumping through regular exercise, thereby ensuring good blood flow to all of your horse’s tissues and organs.

A good grooming that removes dirt, dead skin cells and shed hair improves blood flow to the skin. Result? A healthier, shinier coat.

Reduce stress. When your horse is relaxed, his spleen actually enlarges. This allows for more efficiency in cleaning red blood cells; the spleen’s main function. So keep it mellow between exercising: brushing, massage, bathing, and free reign in the pasture are all good ways to reduce stress and offer other benefits.

Cooling your horse down post-exercise or on hot days keeps him regulated and blood flow optimal. If your horse overheats, the vessels in his skin and lungs tend to enlarge which draws blood from other, more necessary functions, such as the brain and major organs.

Maintaining lungs, heart & spleen with the Leg Saver. Making sure that the internal circulation system is healthy is essential for improving stamina and blood flow. Our guide to increasing stamina with the Leg Saver focuses on treating the lung and heart ting points, which will help improving circulation to the necessary areas, reducing pain while increasing endorphins. Regular maintenance with the Leg Saver is a great way to keep circulation up like this.

How do you keep your horse relaxed and his blood pumping in optimal conditions? Share with us in the comments!

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