Acetazolamide Tablets



250mg 100 ct

Acetazolamide Tablets may be used to treat hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP), a genetic disease of the neuromuscular system in horses. Acetazolamide Tablets may also be used as a treatment for glaucoma in dogs and cats. Acetazolamide.

Acetazolamide Tablets are used for adjunctive therapy of hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) in horses and adjunctive treatment of metabolic alkalosis or glaucoma in dogs and cats.

See your veterinarian for dosage information.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-give tablet form
  • Treatment for hyperkalemic periodic paralysis
  • Diuretic that may also be used to treat glaucoma
  • For dogs, cats and horses

How It Works

Acetazolamide Tablets are used to treat hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) in horses. This type of periodic paralysis is characterized by hyperkalemia, or an increased level of potassium in the blood. As a diuretic agent, Acetazolamide Tablets work by ridding the body of excess fluid, along with certain minerals including potassium.


Acetazolamide has been used principally in veterinary medicine for its diuretic action and its effects on aqueous humor production in the treatment of glaucoma and metabolic alkalosis. It may be useful as an adjunctive treatment for syringomyelia in dogs. Acetazolamide’s use in small animals is complicated by a relatively high occurrence of adverse effects.

In horses, acetazolamide is used as a preventive and/or treatment for HYPP.

In humans, the drug has been used as adjunctive therapy for epilepsy and for acute high-altitude sickness


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