Dexdomitor 10ml


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  1. IDEXDOMITOR is often prescribed as a sedative and analgesic in dogs and cats to facilitate clinical examinations, clinical procedures, minor surgical procedures and mild to moderately painful non-invasive proedures. DEXDOMITOR is also indicated for use as a preanesthetic in dogs and cats prior to general anesthesia. Approved for use in dogs as young as 16 weeks of age and cats as young as 12 weeks of age.

– Effective analgesia with rapid onset – Depth and duration sedation is dose independent – Good muscle relaxation and greatly reduced hypersensitivity to noise – Allows smooth and predictable recovery when Antisedan® is administered.

Dexmedetomidine hydorcholoride is a synthetic alpha-2 adrenoreceptor agonist that acts extremely selectively and potently on alpha-2 adrenoreceptors, inhibiting the release of noradrenaline.


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