Legend (Hyaluronate Sodium)


Legend (Hyaluronate Sodium) for Horses

Legend Injectable Solution is the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid joint therapy currently available for both intravenous and intra-articular administration.

Legend (Hyaluronate Sodium)

Legend Injectable Solution or Legend (Hyaluronate Sodium) for Horses is indicated in the treatment of joint dysfunction of the carpus or fetlock in horses due to non-infectious synovitis associated with equine osteoarthritis. Equine osteoarthritis can happen in any age and any discipline due to everyday wear and tear. It is permanent and can lead to early retirement and quality-of-life issues in horses.

The active ingredient in LEGEND, hyaluronic acid (HA), decreases the presence of inflammatory mediators in the joint, improves synovial fluid quality, and reduces the degree of lameness. These improvements are seen whether LEGEND is administered by intravenous (I.V.) or intra-articular (I.A.) injection. LEGEND hyaluronate sodium injectable is sterile, pyrogen-free and FDA-approved.


Not for use in humans. Keep this and all other drugs out of reach of children. The safety of LEGEND has not been evaluated in breeding stallions or in breeding, pregnant or lactating mares. LEGEND 4 mL and LEGEND Multi-Dose Injectable Solution are administered by intravenous injection only.


Legend Injection Features

  • Millions of doses sold, more than 25 years of treatment success, safe and efficacious, proven by multiple studies
  • Reduces production of inflammatory mediators, joint inflammation and the resulting lameness for at least 45 days after being given once a week for three weeks.4
  • FDA approved joint therapy for both I.V. and I.A. administration, so you can choose the treatment to meet your horse’s need

legend Horse Injection Benefits

  • Safe and efficacious
  • 90% of cases treated I.V. judged to have excellent to good overall clinical improvement1
  • 96% of horses treated intra-articularly were judged to have excellent to good overall clinical improvement1
  • Improvement can be seen after one dose
  • Provides multi-modal approach against the cycle of inflammation and lameness
  • Stimulates endogenous hyaluronic acid production
  • Creates a physical barrier to exclude inflammatory mediators
  • Decreases the presence of inflammatory mediators4
  • Easy to use I.V. administration for when intra-articular administration is not practical or desired


Legend (Hyaluronate Sodium) Dosage And Administration

LEGEND can only be used by or on the order of a veterinarian.

LEGEND Multi Dose (20 mL) and LEGEND 4 mL (40 mg) can be injected intravenously only at a dosage of 4 mL.

Intravenous treatment may be repeated at weekly intervals for a total of 3 treatments. LEGEND 2 mL (20 mg) can be injected intravenously (at a dosage of 4 mL) or intra-articularly in the carpus or fetlock.


Not for use in humans. Keep this and all other drugs out of reach of children.



4ml 1 ds, 20ml 5 ds Multi dose


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