LiquiVet 2 Second Rapid Tissue Adhesive Glue, 3gr Bottle, 6 Applicators


LiquiVet monomeric formulation that forms a thin, waterproof adhesion to bond tissue in a variety of vet procedures.

  • Fast-acting Cyanoacrylate based tissue adhesive for wound care.
  • Polymerizes in 2 seconds (VG3).
  • Excellent for quick repair of minor lacerations, abrasions, and other minor wounds.
  • Superior performance in the time necessary to close a wound.
  • For external lacerations, not to be used internally.

May be alternative to products like ZipStitch instant stitches and Strips

  • For skin closure
  • Best suited for small, superficial lacerations
  • Quick and virtually painless to use
  • Wears off in the days and weeks
  • Reduce the chances of an infection


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