Methocarbamol 100ml


Methocarbamol Injectable 100mg/ml  is a muscle relaxant. Muscular tears, stretching or myosotis in animals intended exclusively for sporting activity


Equines: 5-25 mg / kg. Slowly inhale per day. In cases of tetanus: 25-50 mg / kg. per day. Repeat every 24 hours until Maximum: 14 to 21 days. Tolerance up to: 400 mg / kg has been demonstrated.

Route of application: Slow intravenous

Methocarbamol Injectable 100mg/ml 100ml  usual dose for horses is 2 to 10mg per lb for moderate conditions and 10 to 25mg per lb for severe conditions.

This medication is for I.V. use and may be given undiluted directly into a vein. Dosage and frequency of injection should be based on the severity of symptoms and on the therapeutic response seen.


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