Pulmo Max Granules 500g


Pulmo Max Granules is an all-natural alternative to harmful drugs for horses who suffer exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage due to capillary stress.

Pulmo Max Granules contains all natural ingredients which exert a synergistic effect (work together to achieve a greater action) that helps increase capillary strength and durability. The key components in this formulation help the horse produce its own collagen-like substance which increases capillary durability. In a sense, the horse’s own system starts to strengthen the lungs. By increasing capillary durability, horses who suffer from capillary stress will perform much more competitively since the condition of their lungs will have achieved greater health and strength.

Pulmo Max Granules is a proprietary formula containing all-natural ingredients which have been proven to support pulmonary health. Drug free formula that can be used during competitive events and is test-free.

Pulmo-Max GRANULES – Administered by adding to feed .

INITIAL: Top dress one (1) LARGE scoop AM and PM for 14 days.

MAINTENANCE: Top dress one (1) small scoop AM and PM.

PRE-COMPETITION: 48 hours prior to event, top dress one (1) LARGE scoop AM and PM.

COMPETITION DAY: Top dress two (2) LARGE scoops once, within six hours of the event.


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