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UlcerGard (Omeprazole) is the only medication for horses proven safe and effective and approved by the FDA to prevent EGUS. UlcerGard (Omeprazole) paste can be used in horses that weigh at least 600 lbs. Safety in pregnant mares has not been determined. Not for use in humans.

Some horses are more prone to stress than others, but for many, even small changes in routine can potentially lead to gastric ulcers. Stomach ulcers in horses are more common than once believed. Studies have demonstrated stomach ulcers in over 90% of racehorses and around 60% of performance horses in various disciplines*. Before stress has a chance to cause gastric ulcers, use UlcerGard (Omeprazole).
Deliver targeted, effective medication during anticipated stressful times, such as traveling, competition, stall confinement and strenuous exercise. This allows for proven prevention of gastric ulcers in otherwise healthy horses who are at risk due to increased stress.
UlcerGard (Omeprazole) is the only ulcer medication for horses proven to be safe and effective and approved by the FDA to prevent equine ulcers.

Specially formulated to survive the acidic stomach environment allowing proper absorption. Blocks acid production at the proton pump regardless of stimuli.

1 Count provides 4 doses; 6 Pack provides 24 total doses.
6 pack is perfect for on-the-go or at the show; provides enough protection for multiple horses. Easy to pack and easy to carry.

Contains 2.28 gm omeprazole per tube.


For 600-1,200 lb horse, give 0.45 mg/lb (1/4 syringe) on back of tongue or deep in cheek pouch; Over 1,200 lbs, give 0.9 mg/lb (1/2 syringe). For horses under 600 lbs, consult a veterinarian. May be safely used in breeding stallions; safety in pregnant mares has not been determined.

* Sykes BW, Hewetson M, Hepburn RJ, Luthersson N, Tamzali Y. European College of Equine Internal Medicine Consensus Statement – Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome in Adult Horses. J Vet Intern Med. 2015 Sep-Oct;29(5):1288-99.

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1 ct (4 dose), 6 ct (24 dose), 12 ct (48 dose), 20 ct (80 dose), 40 ct (160 dose), 60 ct (240 dose)


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