Dexamet Plus 30ml


Dexamet Plus a dexamethasone sodium Phosphate strongly vitaminized with B12 and B15, simple muscle stimulatory activators, with a strong increase in muscle performance and direct impact on short-term performance. Active maximum power around 3-4 hours.

Product profiled and designed for competition animals specifically

Presentation : 

Bottle 30 ml


Dexamethasone 21 Phosphate 0.010gr

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) 2000mcg

Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid) 0.200gr

Excipient 10ml

Formula Detail:

Dexamet Plus is 0.1% or 1mg / ml , With additives B12 and B15

B12 0.2mg/ml or 0.02% and B15 20mg/ml or 2%

Each bottle contain (30ml) :  Dexa. 21 S.Ph. 30 mg , B12 6 mg, B15 600mg.

Dosification & Administration for Race :

For professional application, read the article about dexa for race:

Dosages range from approximately 3 to 8 ml depending on many factors.

For safe application pre-race: 5 ml for 5 days (IV or IM), suspend 1 days before the race , but the last day  you can use rapid excretion technique: 

apply  Dexametasona 0.08mg/kg IV and also apply Furosemide 0.2mg/kg IV before the 5th hour before the extraction of samples for analysis for detection of drugs, blood and/or urine.

Recommended product with furosemide: Diuretic (Chinfield lab)

If you have any questions, consult your veterinarian or you can contact us for free advice. PMK Oil


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