Fluson 50ml


Fluson is indicated as a basic treatment or adjuvant in all cases in which the organism is subjected to a strong need in inflammatory processes and in bacterial infections.

Composition (per 1ml)


· Swine: Agalactia of sows, feed intoxication, cardioplegia, edema disease in piglets, erysipelas, arthritis due to dysentery, pneumonia, colibacillosis, toxic exanthema.
· Bovine: Ketosis, milk fever, agalactia, grass tetany, indigestions, metritis, puerperal infections, puerperal shock, mastitis, diarrhea, colisepticemia, pododermatitis.
· Horse: Urticaria, periostitis, osteitis, carpitis, tendonitis, omphalitis, tetany, influenza, strangles
· Cat, Dog: Nervous dyspepsia of allergic-hyperallergic origin depends on the situation, hemorrhagic diatheses, urticaria, otitis externa, tonsilitis, tracheobronchitis, syndrome of discus intevertebralis, spondylitis, osteoarthritis. endometritis, pyometra, cystitis, hepatitis contagiosa, canine distemper


Swine :
1ml/ up to 10kg b.w. SC
1~2ml/10~25kg b.w. IM or SC
2~4ml/25~100kg b.w. IM or SC
6~8ml/150~200kg b.w. IM or SC

Bovine :
5~10ml/200~500kg b.w. IV, IM or SC

Horse :
5~10ml/200~500kg b.w. IV or IM
3~10ml/size of articulation via intra articulation

Dog :
0.5ml/5kg b.w. IV, IM or SC
1ml/5~50kg b.w. IV, IM or SC
0.5~2ml/size of articulation IV, IM or SC

Cat :
0.5ml/5kg b.w. IV, IM or SC



Storage : Stored in dry and cool place (1~30℃) Avoid direct sunlight
Shelf life : 24 months from manufacturing date



Swine : 4 days
Bovine, Horse : 5 days
Milk : 1 day



10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml


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