Chymosin Alfachymotrypsin is used to reduce inflammation and soft tissue edema caused by abscesses, ulcers or injury; loosen secretions in the upper airways in asthma, bronchitis,  pneumonia and sinusitis. Treatment of infections and local tissue necrosis; prevention of  wound infection after surgery; hematoma absorption;  reduce swelling due to injury;  supportive treatment of infectious diseases.

Indications: Treatment of inflammation and tissue edema caused by injuries, surgery, infectious diseases in cattle, horses, swine, dogs and poultry.


  • Alfachymotrypsin 400 mg
  • Trypsin 100 mg

Dosage and administration: For intramuscular and subcutaneous injection.

Cattle, horses: 3-6ml/100kg b.w.

Swine, dogs: 1ml/20-30 kg b.w.

Poultry: 1ml/10-15 kg b.w.

Suggested racing dosage and administration:

Horses: 10 ml every day for 5 days until race day – IM

Camels: 7 ml every day for 5 days until race day – IM


Glass vial of 20ml and bottle.


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