Cimalgex 80mg


Cimalgex is an analgesic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Cimalgex can be used for long-term treatments. Treatment of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and orthopedic or soft tissue surgeries.

Presentation: 32 tablets.

Instructions for Use Cimalgex
Orally. Administer 2 mg per kg of live weight, once a day. Duration of treatment: 3 to 7 days (post-surgical pain control), 6 months (pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis). The tablets can be administered with or without food. Pmk Oil

Composition per tablet:
– Cimalgex 8 mg: Cimicoxib 8 mg.
– Cimalgex 30 mg: Cimicoxib 30 mg.
– Cimalgex 80 mg: Cimicoxib 80 mg.

Distributed from Mexico


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