Equioxx 25ml


EQUIOXX is indicated for the control of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in horses. Equioxx Injectable offers 24 hours of pain relief and is well-accepted in 98% of horses.


The recommended dosage of EQUIOXX Injection for intravenous administration in horses is 0.04mg/lb (0.09 mg/kg) of body weight once daily for up to 5 days. EQUIOXX Injection is a non-aqueous solution and should not be mixed with aqueous solutions (Do not flush through intravenous lines using aqueous flush solutions). If further treatment is needed, In target animal safety studies, toxicity was seen at the recommended dose when the duration of treatment exceeded 30 days. Each marking on the syringe will treat 250 lbs of body weight, and each notch corresponds to approximately a 50 lb weight increment. To deliver the correct dose, round the horse’s body weight up to the nearest 50 lb increment (if the body weight is an exact 50 lb increment, do not round up).


Non – Official Races: 2 ml or 3 ml each day for 5 days before the race – IV

Official Races: 2 ml or 3 ml each day for 5 days and stop administration 5-7 days before the race – IV


25 ml

For further information visit: http://www.equioxx.com/


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